Synthetic turf is beautiful & enviormentally friendly

If you have ever been curious about installing synthetic turf to your yard, let me help you make that final leap. With so many Turf Suppliers, synthetic turf is capable of keeping your lawn aesthetically pleasing and bright green throughout the entire year with little to no work having to be put into it. Here is why you should get some turf for yourself:

It’s environmentally friendly. Whether you believe it or not, synthetic turf is actually a lot more environmentally friendly than natural grass. Think about all of the gas that is put into the air when you mow your lawn, the weed killers that you spray into the grass, and the amount of water that you use to keep your lawn green. Synthetic turf might be made of a carpet or plastic material, but it is completely recyclable. Whenever you are done with it, you can recycle it and it can be used to make a completely new synthetic turf.

Having synthetic turf instead of natural grass will save you money too. You won’t have to hire anyone to clean up your yard, you don’t have to spend money on fertilizer, weed killer, and your water bill will go down because you won’t be using as much water on your yard anymore.

Synthetic grass can do anything that natural grass can do but it comes with the added bonus of being something that is cheaper, safer for the earth, safer for kids and pets, and you can say goodbye to yard work because synthetic grass doesn’t grow. You buy it and install it to your lawn and this is how your yard is going to look until you take it off.

The only water that it uses and the only work that it takes is making sure that the water infill is full so the grass can stay soft and light, and you might have to rake it out to keep it fluffy. But that’s it.

If you are tired of yard work and you just want to have a yard that is beautiful and safe for the planet, make the jump and buy some synthetic turf. You won’t regret it.

Maximize athletic field experience with artificial turf

There is a lot of time and effort not to mention money that goes into designing a sports field Biltright installers is the perfect company to call for field turf installation. The field will also need to be maintained and it will be used often. It does not matter if the field is going to be used at a school, private area, or a public park. Artificial turf is a good choice for the field.

 Artificial turf can be used on the field for many different sports. There are several advantages and the installation cost will even out when it comes to maintenance and upkeep. No chemical will need to be used and there will be no need to spend money on water to keep the grass soft and green. These lawns are low maintenance and a facility will save time and money in the long run.

 The synthetic grass is durable and can stand up to the heavy traffic from sports. It will stand up to all of the running, kicking, tackling, and other physical activity that goes along with playing sports. There is a rubber infill so if an athlete does fall down, they are landing on a softer surface. There will be a cushion to reduce the impact of the fall so this will reduce the risk of an athlete from getting injured.

There is no mud so this will help keep cars, homes, and even uniforms free from dirt.  There are many different areas where this artificial grass can be used. It is good for both soccer and football fields. It can be used in batting cages and lacrosse field. This is good for batting cages, golf courses, and even putting greens. Artificial grass is even great at indoor facilities where practice is held. This grass can stand up to the need of the athletes and will be durable for many different sports.

The Trusted Surface of Michigan Stadium

Field Turf is a trusted leader in surf installation. They have been the company that keeps the Michigan stadium looking great and has been that way since 2003.
The Michigan Stadium is also called The Big House. It is the largest stadium out of all of those in the United States. Field Turf has been providing the turf surface to this stadium at the University of Michigan for 15 years. They recently installed new turf in the stadium in 2018. They are happy to be part of the Michigan family and want to deliver high-quality turf.

The stadium is the home field of the Michigan Wolverines. Their new stadium has a blue end zone and it will spell out Michigan on both of the sides. They will show off this new field when they take on Norte Dame during week two. Norte Dame also uses Field Turf for their home field. The Fighting Irish trust the turf as well.
Field Turf worked with other professionals in the field to make sure the stadium came out looking great. They used the Revolution 360 system so the field would be durable and feel like real grass. This system allows for top performance, has heavyweight infill so it is safe, and can last for a long period.

In addition to the stadium, Field Turf is working with other programs at the university including the indoor Oosterbann Fieldhouse. They are also working on the lacrosse field and the intramural field so it will be durable for all athletes. The Glick Fieldhouse is currently in the works and should be done sometime in 2019. This will allow the field to be safe and durable as well. The University of Michigan is joining other top stadiums in the country to use artificial turf by Field Turf on their important stadiums and their fields.

And New turf is reinstalled every 10 – 13 years to ensure that the turf looks clean and is in the best condition for any sport game. So what happens to the old turf? There are Artificial Grass Company’s that can recycle the used sports turf to provide an affordable cost to any home DIY renovation helping thousands of home owners save thousands of dollars on their home yard makeover. They also help the environment by not sending the used Turf to a land field.

Playground lawn solution

For many years people have tried to find the best solution for playgrounds for kids. You want to make sure that it is something that can be cleaned if there is a mess but you also want to make sure that the ground is safe for the kids and they will not get hurt if they fall while playing on it. Some have tried concrete which only causes injury for the kids. Others have tried out foam playgrounds but those often lead to ankle sprains because of how bumpy it gets. But one thing that not a lot of people have gotten an idea to do is replace the grounds with synthetic turf.

If you replace the playground turf with artificial grass, you are hitting two birds with one stone. The grass is something that be cleaned if there is a spill or a mess, but it is also soft and bouncy enough that if the child falls onto it they will be less likely to end up hurt AGL astro turf is a good place to get turf at.

Another perk that goes along with the two listed above is that it’s level and flat ground so the chances of spraining an ankle while running around are very slim. The grass is also clean and makes it almost impossible for your child to get dirty and stain their clothes if they are rolling around in it.

Some people are hesitant about adding synthetic turf to their daily life because there are rumors that it has harsh chemicals in it to make it the way it is. But the truth is that synthetic grass is probably safer than the natural grass fields that you see. Natural grass needs to be sprayed down with weed killer every time that it rains but synthetic turf doesn’t grow weeds or grass blades so aside from occasional water and vinegar baths, the turf is completely safe for kids and animals.

If you are looking for something to place as the turf for a playground, consider synthetic turf. You will not regret it.