The Trusted Surface of Michigan Stadium

Field Turf is a trusted leader in surf installation. They have been the company that keeps the Michigan stadium looking great and has been that way since 2003.
The Michigan Stadium is also called The Big House. It is the largest stadium out of all of those in the United States. Field Turf has been providing the turf surface to this stadium at the University of Michigan for 15 years. They recently installed new turf in the stadium in 2018. They are happy to be part of the Michigan family and want to deliver high-quality turf.

The stadium is the home field of the Michigan Wolverines. Their new stadium has a blue end zone and it will spell out Michigan on both of the sides. They will show off this new field when they take on Norte Dame during week two. Norte Dame also uses Field Turf for their home field. The Fighting Irish trust the turf as well.
Field Turf worked with other professionals in the field to make sure the stadium came out looking great. They used the Revolution 360 system so the field would be durable and feel like real grass. This system allows for top performance, has heavyweight infill so it is safe, and can last for a long period.

In addition to the stadium, Field Turf is working with other programs at the university including the indoor Oosterbann Fieldhouse. They are also working on the lacrosse field and the intramural field so it will be durable for all athletes. The Glick Fieldhouse is currently in the works and should be done sometime in 2019. This will allow the field to be safe and durable as well. The University of Michigan is joining other top stadiums in the country to use artificial turf by Field Turf on their important stadiums and their fields.

And New turf is reinstalled every 10 – 13 years to ensure that the turf looks clean and is in the best condition for any sport game. So what happens to the old turf? There are Artificial Grass Company’s that can recycle the used sports turf to provide an affordable cost to any home DIY renovation helping thousands of home owners save thousands of dollars on their home yard makeover. They also help the environment by not sending the used Turf to a land field.